Truth Hurts

Truth Hurts

“Better to get hurt by the truth than comforted with a lie.” -Khaled Hosseini

 Do you think that’s true?  There are times when I agree and then there are times when I think the truth, and nothing but the truth, can be brutal. Obviously, we cannot always speak our minds and tell the complete truth 100% of the time.  Oftentimes, we care so much about our families, friends, etc that we can’t bear to hurt their feelings.  Or be the bearer of bad news.  Or in work situations when you want to tell a customer they’re an idiot.  And they really are.

But obviously we can’t say that out loud if we wish to remain employed. But thinking back, while I may have gotten mad or upset at someone for telling me the truth, because it was painful to hear, sometimes we need to hear it.  Some of the biggest changes and revelations in my life came from hearing some (or delivering some) painful truths.

Now, this doesn’t mean that I think people should go around being cruel and brutally honest to others.  There are ways to deliver the truth without being hateful or at least purposefully hurtful.  So think about your words before you speak.  You never know how much someone will take your words to heart.  But above all else, lying doesn’t really get you anywhere.  At least not for long.  It will inevitably come out, and then someone will have to pick up the pieces and it won’t be pretty.



Do you agree or disagree?  What did you do when someone told you the truth about something?  Would you have preferred that they keep it to themselves? 
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